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S.T.A.L.K.E.R.SMP (Super Mod Pack)

Год выпуска: 2009
Жанр: Мод
Разработчик: Boinkmakr
Издательство: boinkmakr, Wolfehunter & many modders combined
Сайт разработчика: www.Stalkerportal.ru
Язык интерфейса: RUS\ENG
Платформа: pc
Системные требования: Процессор: 2,2 ГГц;
Память: 512 Мб;
Видео-карта: класса nVidia GeForce 5700 со 128 Мб видеопамяти;
Аудио-карта: DirectX-совместимая ;
Жесткий диск: 6 Гб свободного места;
DirectX 9.0с.
Описание: SMP (Super Mod Pack) - мод с весьма не эстетичным названием, зато с интересным содержимым. Автор модификации собрал огромное количество модификаций в одну, так сказать сборку. В игре можно найти огромное количество предметов, как оружия, так и всякого прочего барахла, множество различных скинов персонажей, да и вообще много чего нового. Ну и так же пофиксил различные баги и ошибки (однако порой, а иногда вообще редко, вылеты всё же случаются, так что советую почаще сейвиться). Так что всем любителям и фанатам игры советую, сборка весьма хорошая, поиграть стоит. Разрабатывался Американцами описания все на англиийском...
Доп. информация:
Для корректной работы желательно наличие патча для SCoC v1.0005.
Установка: *GameDirectory*\gamedata
Игра тестировалась на англ. версии игры, проверил на русской так же работает

Опиание...правда на английском
Fixed the missing music files
Fixed some weapons config issues,
Fixed mp_rank.ltx for some missing weapon IDs.
Added new sounds for weapons.
Added option new feet sounds.
Added new Mask breathing sounds for each suit.
Added Creator Immortal Difficulty choices mods.
Fixed xr_kamp.script by 300000
Fixed trader value glitches causing odd CTD.
Edited Bloodsuckers to do more damage but less health.
NPCs will offer proper items when helping in missions.
Added Atlas spawn fix wobbles84
Added option restored bar radio music and chatter.
Added Raging bull iron sights fix thanks to AgentJR
Fixed the death looting drop bugs and balanced it.
Fixed trader files for possible ctd's and script skipping.
Added G36 Zoom sight fix thanks to AgentJR.
Updated nandersen's Dynamic weather script to verion 0.9.5
Added galil_mar_sk1 silencer fix thanks to AgentJR
Added new Allspawn to fix some start spawning issues in DV.
Fixed RPK-74M description thanks to Chernobyl2012
New ui_icons_equipment.dds file with updated textures
Fixed texture.ltx for SmP FULL with bandits bumps missing.
New Harmonica song played by stalkers.(Russian national anthem)
Fixed 1154 Hud Textures to make them look new.
Added Headbob back in to the mod
Added No jammed weapons indicator
Added Faction's equippment Alternative
Added Bak Knife as and alt skin
Removed old Gnomus scope texture.
Added Variational Weapon Mod
Added Dosimeter UI new windows mod
Added Feared Mutants & Stronger Mutants mods
Merged Water Shaders v1.0 by Zero 3
Merged Women Stalker NPC into the game!
Merged Dune buggy into the game!
Merged Shades and Gnomus High rez scopes as default textures.
Improved installation process.
Forgot to edit scope1.ltx file with new scope textures.
I found a few more scope1 bugs.
I found the pso1m2-amk_1024-n are missing was in gamedata\config\misc\unique_items
Fixed the missing ak_silenced.ogg file.
Fixed the NPC zombified ctd.
Fixes the missing gun for the mp_rank file
Fixed the food that was healing
Fixed the M16 variant guns with scope error.
Added the missing wpn to the mp_rank
Found the bugs and fixed it for wpn_addon_scope_5 and 6
Fixed the bad radiation values for artifacts
Zombie-Immortals fixed, hopefully
Fixes atlas scripts.
Added 3 new guns, US M14 DMR,T.A.R. 21 and SOPMOD M4.
Fixed Meat Grinder description
New Icons.
Fixed guass to gauss in description.
Better PDA maps
fixed mp_rank missing wpn_toz34_h
edited kanyhalos to wpn_m_133 mini gun.
fixed bad character in mp_rank.ltx wpn_M14 to wpn_m14
Fixed the trader with wrong ammo
Key NPCs are now tougher again to reduce the chance of them dieing from FW
New allspawn to stablize the spawns in the zone. We restored OL spawns in pripyat.
Edited the se_respawn.script to help slow down the endless NPCs spawning. Also reduce the ammount of max NPCs in the world.
A New game is required for the the new allspawn to work
Fixed Readme's and Descriptions for the Optional Addon mods...
Fan fix for the three new guns, wrong icons, errored description. arsenal_mod.xml, w_tavor.ltx,w_m4.ltx,w_m14.ltx,thanks to Soldiman
Edited the 2 MP5's descriptions
Fixed SG S550 Tactical and sniper descriptions
Fixed the two unique SKAT special armor descriptions.
Fixed the Bizon m1 proper descriptions
Edited C96 ammo description.
Fixed jamies1992 guns names.
Fixed incorrect id's for wpn_tavor in mercs_mid.xml and Monolith_mid.xml thanks to Soldiman
Fixed Atlas errors wpn_mp40, mutant_burer_hand and mutant_zombie_hand thanks to xRatx.
Fixed arsenal.ltx tavor id thanks to Mad Max RW
Fixed bes's gun description and name. Thanks to Chernobyl202
Fixed Kombez Freedom M2 Description,
Fixed Saiga -12K Special Edition. ID name.
Fixed the unique G43 7.92x57 Descriptions and ID name.
Fixed H.K. G-101 mobile assault rifle missing ammo description and name.
Fixed m1918 scope1 bug
Edited the M4 Mesh to fix the Can't find texture 'aaz\m4a1 sopmod\tacsto?k' bug. Thanks toxRatx
Fixed SG500 Tactical and Sniper descriptions and names.
Fixed LGMs variant guns new recoil values thanks to Reptile
Fixed ZMLR300 9mm scope thanks to Reptile
Added new M4 Special Edition thanks to Reptile
Fixed the Zoom for the M14
Removed Sharper textures from FULL and add that mod as an addon!
Many other various fixes and tweaks.

----*Version 2.3*----

Revised amk.script
New weapons file organization.
Varius weapons and items fixes.
Fixed trader files to balance the new weapons and prices.
Working on weapon and ammo descriptions Mostly finished
Fixed StG44 & g101 and added proper ammo
Fixed fn2000 description
Merged and fixed arisaka38 and arisaka44 plus added correct ammo.
Fixed bm16-full not aligned right in inventory.
Fixed and edited mp40 and mp41
Fixed and edited Taurus Raging Bull & 4 colts 2 black 2 silver
Fixed and edited mg3, mg42, mg42_box
Fixed awm & m1918.
Fixed w_mp52.
New mainmenu images, load up screens and dream videos.
Improved textures for weapons to help reduce studdering.
Added some newer Icons to the ui_equipment.dds.
Merged Faction Wars + fixed the all.spawn.
Merged Ragdoll mod v1.3
Restored sayga12k_m1 and m2 fixed it.
Modifed FULL & LITE texture.ltx files.
Added 6.5x50mm Arisaka ammo
Added 7.92x33mm fmj and ap.
Newer fix all.spawn
Tweaked trader repair values.
Merged OL2.2 Rust Protection mod.
Fixed the commented out Harmonica
Added Sound fixes for weapons and newer sound to weapons.
Merged SWO v3.0 plus quickfixes and USER Preset + Sky4CE settings.
Added Dynamic Weather v0.9 scripts.
Added new Random Weapons Generator for Factions.
Fixed L85 icons plus new icon textures
Fixed ammo 9x18 PBP icon.
Fixed aks74u's addon alignments
Fixed Colt M4A1 addon alignments
Fixed Shrike Silencer alignment
Fixed the mp_rank.ltx file by correcting the weapons placements by ranks.
Fixed w_m1891_30 and scoped version.
Merged Better Foliage v1.0
Reputation Mod Fix
Added Elgen's English fix mod for OL 2.2 Optional.
Added Animated cigarette 3rd person mod
New animation for AWM sniper rifle.
Updated Atlas Cheat Mod v1.1
Added Animated cigarette 1st person mod
Added Imperialreign's new AAO update.
Added new NPC's
Merged Repair kit Mod v1.1
Updated Smart Mod Manager to version 1.7
Added option Nature mod's Winter and Autumn
Removed Cheat mod because you have Atlas mod!
Added Artefact Activation Mod
Added Disguise Mod
Merged Argus Creature Mod Pack v0.51
Many more

---*Version 2.2.5*---
Merged all patch and fixes into one install.
Some minor tweaks and fixes.
Fix mp_ranks missing weapons,
Revised Readme.

---*Version 2.2.4*---
Thanks to Zatharon Colt1911 wpn_colt19113.ogf and **4.ogf was missing.

---*Version 2.2.3*---
Resolved Restored the missing texture.ltx file for LITE version. BUT you have to enable it over the Full texture version.
2 times I had to edit it.Forgot about the new guns bumps.I've tried it and it works now. I appologies for this.

---*Version 2.2.1*---

Fixed the Normal 4:3 Screen Patch
Added Dada4's config files fixes.
Added Imperialreign bar sound file fixes, plus weather fix.
Added Boinkmakrs weapons fixes Plus new guns
Fixed and added bump's & bump# to Arsenal_Mod normal map textures. Over 700 files edited!
More fixs for the FN90, PS90, P90, Fn P90, m1918, MG42, MG42Box, MP41, ots33 and more
Options new addon by Reptile4077
Restored eggchens particles.xr. Some rare odd crash using epij particles files.
Some texture changes and improvements.
Few odds and ends patched up.
Fixed teh m1918 scope was off again.

---*Version 2.2*---

I've cleaned more files that where lingering and doing nothing but waste space. Some more tweaking.

MOD Includes:

Foobar2000 Link v1.2 *updated also the media player plugin is in misc folder*
Weapons Cheat v1.1 fix *now included*
Ambient Audio Overhaul V0952 RC 3 *This is work in progress.*
Argus Updated Texture pack V1.0
Many fixes for FN90 guns, Taurus Raging Bull and Accuracy International AW description & MUCH MORE.
Updated Darius 1154 HUD mod 1.3
More Unique weapons added by Boinkmakr. And fixes for mp_ranks file.
Critical fix for weather overhall.*Still work in progress*
Sniper Mod Zoom Scopes by epij, *Modified to work with version 2.2 Supermod Pack*
*URGENT* *copy the "xrGame.dll" from the snipermod_zoomscopes_byepij\bin\ folder to your "bin\" folder.*
!---*Make a backup*---!
-New firing sound for the Karabiner 98k
-New firing sound for the Mosin-Nagant (both, scoped/un-scoped)
-New firing sound for the M16
-New firing/reload sound for the M1903
-New sounds for the electra anomaly
-New sounds for the burner anomaly
-Tweaked Bes' first radio message at the Garbage (will do the other ones too).
-Tweaked Seriy's radio call for help at the Garbage hangar (You can hear a firefight in the background).
-Tweaked Vasiliev's PDA-log at Yantar (You can hear him fighting the zombies before the transmission cuts off).

--*Version 2.1*--

An arsenal 2(not 1.0) + OL 2.2 merge + arena extension + photo realistic zone + weather mods+ mosin + more weapons
Changes from old one
*you can now go to the duty trader and "modify" some weapons
*The arsenal weapons are included in the amk Random stashes (I recommend you enable this feature in the pause menu then save)
*Arena is now improved pick fights against mutants and humans like 1 vs 6 or bet on fights and watch them(think like in Oblivion)
*added some weapons from Amk arsenal like the sawn off toz34 and the ruger 100
*Added an Ar-10
*Updated the arsenal 1.0 to use the files from arsenal 1.2 patch adding a new model for the L85 ,mp5 with scope rails,Vintorez and val and also more weapons from arsenal 2.0 mostly WW2 and LMGs
*merged the Photorealistic Zone mod that adds better textures than the S.H.A.R.P.E.R mod
*Used the weather overhaul to add MUCH better weather
*A new inventory menu that fixes the problems with the old one not being able to select the bottom items
*Added a mosin nagant *inventory icon* with a scoped version
*ambient sound mod
*added a new main menu
*A better inventory system made for widescreen PCs not buggy like the one in OL
*Added Extra skins for example no more shitty looking hands
*Included the stalker foobar plug in in the gamedata folder
*Traders rebalanced now freedom pays more for Nato weapons and Duty pays more for Russian or soviet weapons while the eggheads sell exotic weapons
*sky4ace adds better effects to the game by replacing the shaders
*Eggchen's Particle Mod V3
*Eggchen's New Bloodsucker Predator Mod
*added Gosuke Animation fix for SVD and SVU
*And more

Последовательность установки:
1) SmP_V2.4_FULL.exe
2) SmP v2.4 Mod Accessories.7z
3) SmP v2.4 Optional addons.7z
4) Patch Fix 18.zip
5) Patch Fix 20a.7z


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