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Исполнитель: Bee Gees(Официальный сайт)(Страница в википедии)
Название: Дискография (cтудийные альбомы)
Год: 1967 - 2001
Жанр: pop, poprock, disco, blue-eyedsoul, softrock
Страна: Великобритания

Продолжительность: 21 альбом, 328 треков - общее время 20ч. 03м. 29с.
Формат/Кодек: MP3
Битрейт аудио: 320

1967Bee Gees' 1st

CD 1

01. Turn Of The Century [Stereo]02:30
02. Holiday [Stereo]02:58
03. Red Chair, Fade Away [Stereo]02:21
04. One Minute Woman [Stereo]02:21
05. In My Own Time [Stereo]02:18
06. Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You [Stereo]03:41
07. Craise Finton Kirk Royal Academy Of Arts [Stereo]02:20
08. New York Mining Disaster 1941 [Stereo]02:14
09. Cucumber Castle [Stereo]02:08
10. To Love Somebody [Stereo]03:04
11. I Close My Eyes [Stereo]02:27
12. I Can't See Nobody [Stereo]03:48
13. Please Read Me [Stereo]02:19
14. Close Another Door [Stereo]03:34
15. Turn Of The Century [Mono Version]02:30
16. Holiday [Mono Version]02:58
17. Red Chair, Fade Away [Mono Version]02:21
18. One Minute Woman [Mono Version]02:20
19. In My Own Time [Mono Version]02:18
20. Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You [Mono Version]03:41
21. Craise Finton Kirk Royal Academy Of Arts [Mono Version]02:22
22. New York Mining Disaster 1941 [Mono Version]02:13
23. Cucumber Castle [Mono Version]02:06
24. To Love Somebody [Mono Version]03:04
25. I Close My Eyes [Mono Version]02:26
26. I Can't See Nobody [Mono Version]03:48
27. Please Read Me [Mono Version]02:18
28. Close Another Door [Mono Version]03:25

CD 2

01. Turn Of The Century [Early Version]02:23
02. One Minute Woman [Early Version]02:19
03. Gilbert Green03:08
04. New York Mining Disaster 1941 [Version One]02:03
05. House Of Lords02:50
06. Cucumber Castle [Early Version]02:03
07. Harry Braff [Early Alternate Version]03:10
08. I Close My Eyes [Early Version]02:28
09. I've Got To Learn02:50
10. I Can't See Nobody [Alternate Take]03:51
11. All Around My Clock02:00
12. Mr. Wallor's Wailing Wall02:38
13. Craise Finton Kirk Royal Academy Of Arts [Alternate Take]02:17
14. New York Mining Disaster 1941 [Version Two]02:39


CD 1

01. World [Stereo]03:14
02. And The Sun Will Shine [Stereo]03:38
03. Lemons Never Forget [Stereo]03:05
04. Really And Sincerely [Stereo]03:31
05. Birdie Told Me [Stereo]02:26
06. With The Sun In My Eyes [Stereo]02:42
07. Massachusetts [Stereo]02:28
08. Harry Braff [Stereo]03:20
09. Day Time Girl [Stereo]02:36
10. Earnest Of Being George [Stereo]02:45
11. Change Is Made [Stereo]03:37
12. Horizontal [Stereo]03:38
13. World [Mono Version]03:19
14. And The Sun Will Shine [Mono Version]03:30
15. Lemons Never Forget [Mono Version]03:02
16. Really And Sincerely [Mono Version]03:20
17. Birdie Told Me [Mono Version]02:23
18. With The Sun In My Eyes [Mono Version]02:39
19. Massachusetts [Mono Version]02:23
20. Harry Braff [Mono Version]03:16
21. Day Time Girl [Mono Version]02:34
22. Earnest Of Being George [Mono Version]02:40
23. Change Is Made [Mono Version]03:32
24. Horizontal [Mono Version]03:29

CD 2

01. Out Of Line03:02
02. Ring My Bell02:16
03. Barker Of The U.F.O.01:53
04. Words03:20
05. Sir Geoffrey Saved The World02:18
06. Sinking Ships02:23
07. Really And Sincerely [Alternate Version]03:31
08. Swan Song [Alternate Version]03:05
09. Mrs. Gillespie's Refrigerator02:17
10. Deeply, Deeply Me03:10
11. All My Christmases Came At Once03:01
12. Thank You For Christmas01:54
13. Medley: Silent Night/Hark The Herald Angels Sing02:44


CD 1

01. Let There Be Love [Stereo]03:36
02. Kitty Can [Stereo]02:43
03. In The Summer Of His Years [Stereo]03:14
04. Indian Gin And Whisky Dry [Stereo]02:05
05. Down To Earth [Stereo]02:36
06. Such A Shame [Stereo]02:29
07. I've Gotta Get A Message To You [Stereo]03:01
08. Idea [Stereo]02:57
09. When The Swallows Fly [Stereo]02:36
10. I Have Decided To Join The Airforce [Stereo]02:17
11. I Started A Joke [Stereo]03:12
12. Kilburn Towers [Stereo]02:22
13. Swan Song [Stereo]03:03
14. Let There Be Love [Mono Version]03:32
15. Kitty Can [Mono Version]02:37
16. In The Summer Of His Years [Mono Version]03:09
17. Indian Gin And Whisky Dry [Mono Version]02:00
18. Down To Earth [Mono Version]02:33
19. Such A Shame [Mono Version]02:31
20. I've Gotta Get A Message To You [Mono Version]02:56
21. Idea [Mono Version]02:57
22. When The Swallows Fly [Mono Version]02:28
23. I Have Decided To Join The Airforce [Mono Version]02:13
24. I Started A Joke [Mono Version]03:09
25. Kilburn Towers [Mono Version]02:20
26. Swan Song [Mono Version]02:55

CD 2

01. Chocolate Symphony02:46
02. I've Gotta Get A Message To You [Mono Single Version]03:04
03. Jumbo02:11
04. Singer Sang His Song03:21
05. Bridges Crossing Rivers02:10
06. Idea [Alternate Mix]02:50
07. Completely Unoriginal03:37
08. Kitty Can [Alternate Mix]02:40
09. Come Some Christmas Eve or Halloween03:32
10. Let There Be Love [Alternate Mix]03:36
11. Gena's Theme03:33
12. Another Cold and Windy Day (Coke Spot #1)00:57
13. Sitting in the Meadow (Coke Spot #2)01:00


01. Odessa07:36
02. You'll Never See My Face Again04:19
03. Black Diamond03:30
04. Marley Purt Drive04:27
05. Edison03:07
06. Melody Fair03:50
07. Suddenly02:28
08. Whisper, Whisper03:28
09. Lamplight04:48
10. Sound Of Love03:28
11. Give Your Best03:29
12. Seven Seas Symphony04:13
13. Laugh In Your Face04:11
14. Never Say Never Again03:27
15. First Of May02:50
16. The British Opera03:18

1970Cucumber Castle

01. If I Only Had My Mind On Something Else02:35
02. I.O.I.O.02:58
03. Then You Left Me03:13
04. The Lord02:20
05. I Was The Child03:15
06. I Lay Down And Die03:36
07. Sweetheart03:10
08. Bury Me Down By The River03:26
09. My Thing02:20
10. The Chance Of Love02:29
11. Turning Tide03:11
12. Don't Forget To Remember03:28

19712 Years On

01. 2 Years On03:59
02. Portrait Of Louise02:37
03. Man For All Seasons03:01
04. Sincere Relation02:48
05. Back Home01:54
06. The 1st Mistake I Made04:05
07. Lonely Days03:47
08. Alone Again03:02
09. Tell Me Why03:15
10. Lay It On Me02:09
11. Every Second, Every Minute03:03
12. I'm Weeping02:45


01. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart04:00
02. Israel03:46
03. The Greatest Man In The World04:20
04. It's Just The Way02:36
05. Remembering04:04
06. Somebody Stop The Music03:34
07. Trafalgar03:55
08. Don't Wanna Live Inside Myself05:27
09. When I Do04:00
10. Dearest03:54
11. Lion In Winter04:03
12. Walking Back To Waterloo03:50

1972To Whom It May Concern

01. Run To Me03:13
02. We Lost The Road03:28
03. Never Been Alone03:15
04. Paper Mache, Cabbages & Kings05:01
05. I Can Bring Love02:07
06. I Held A Party02:37
07. Please Don't Turn Out The Lights02:01
08. Sea Of Smiling Faces03:09
09. Bad Bad Dreams03:49
10. You Know It's For You02:58
11. Alive04:04
12. Road To Alaska02:41
13. Sweet Song Of Summer05:05

1973Life In A Tin Can

01. Saw A New Morning04:13
02. I Don't Wanna Be The One04:06
03. South Dakota Morning02:27
04. Living In Chicago05:41
05. While I Play04:30
06. My Life Has Been A Song04:22
07. Come Home Johnny Bridie03:52
08. Method To My Madness03:10

1974Mr. Natural

01. Charade04:15
02. Throw A Penny04:51
03. Down The Road03:27
04. Voices04:54
05. Give A Hand, Take A Hand04:50
06. Dogs03:47
07. Mr. Natural03:51
08. Lost In Your Love04:40
09. I Can't Let You Go03:49
10. Heavy Breathing03:29
11. Had A Lot Of Love Last Night04:07

1975Main Course

01. Nights On Broadway04:34
02. Jive Talkin'03:45
03. Wind Of Change04:54
04. Songbird03:38
05. Fanny (Be Tender With My Love)04:07
06. All This Making Love03:06
07. Country Lanes03:30
08. Come On Over03:28
09. Edge Of The Universe05:24
10. Baby As You Turn Away04:23

1976Children Of The World

01. Bee Gees / You Should Be Dancing04:17
02. You Stepped Into My Life03:28
03. Love So Right03:39
04. Lovers03:38
05. Can't Keep A Good Man Down04:46
06. Boogie Child04:13
07. Love Me04:04
08. Subway04:25
09. The Way It Was03:21
10. Children Of The World03:08

1977Saturday Night Fever (soundtracks)

01. Stayin' Alive04:45
02. How Deep Is Your Love04:05
03. Night Fever03:33
04. More Than A Woman03:17
05. If I Can't Have You03:00
06. A Fifth Of Beethoven03:03
07. More Than A Woman03:17
08. Manhattan Skyline04:44
09. Calypso Breakdown07:50
10. Night On Disco Mountain05:12
11. Open Sesame04:01
12. Jive Talkin'03:43
13. You Should Be Dancing04:14
14. Boogie Shoes02:17
15. Salsation03:50
16. K-Jee04:13
17. Disco Inferno10:50

1979Spirits Having Flown

01. Tragedy05:05
02. Too Much Heaven04:57
03. Love You Inside Out04:13
04. Reaching Out04:07
05. Spirits (Having Flown)05:21
06. Search, Find04:16
07. Stop (Think Again)06:41
08. Living Together04:23
09. I'm Satisfied03:58
10. Until02:29

1981Living Eyes

01. Living Eyes04:19
02. He's A Liar04:03
03. Paradise04:23
04. Don't Fall In Love With Me04:56
05. Soldiers04:28
06. I Still Love You04:27
07. Wildflower04:26
08. Nothing Could Be Good04:14
09. Cryin' Every Day04:05
10. Be Who You Are06:44


01. E·S·P05:35
02. You Win Again04:01
03. Live Or Die (Hold Me Like A Child)04:42
04. Giving Up The Ghost04:26
05. The Longest Night05:47
06. This Is Your Life04:53
07. Angela04:56
08. Overnight04:21
09. Crazy For Your Love04:43
10. Backtafunk04:23
11. E·S·P (Vocal Reprise)00:30


01. Ordinary Lives04:05
02. One04:54
03. Bodyguard05:23
04. It's My Neighborhood04:20
05. Tears05:19
06. Tokyo Nights03:59
07. Flesh And Blood04:42
08. Wish You Were Here04:47
09. House Of Shame04:52
10. Will You Ever Let Me05:59
11. Wing And A Prayer03:55

1991High Civilization

01. High Civilization05:31
02. Secret Love03:42
03. When He's Gone05:59
04. Happy Ever After06:17
05. Party With No Name04:56
06. Ghost Train06:04
07. Dimensions05:28
08. The Only Love05:36
09. Human Sacrifice05:42
10. True Confessions05:16
11. Evolution05:37

1993Size Isn't Everything

01. Paying The Price Of Love04:12
02. Kiss Of Life04:16
03. How To Fall In Love, Pt. 105:59
04. Omega Man04:01
05. Haunted House05:45
06. Heart Like Mine04:42
07. Anything For You04:40
08. Blue Island03:19
09. Above And Beyond04:31
10. For Whom The Bell Tolls05:06
11. Fallen Angel04:32
12. Decadance04:31

1997Still Waters

01. Alone04:50
02. I Surrender04:19
03. I Could Not Love You More03:42
04. Still Waters Run Deep04:08
05. My Lover's Prayer04:01
06. With My Eyes Closed04:19
07. Irresistible Force04:34
08. Closer Than Close04:34
09. I Will05:08
10. Obsessions04:44
11. Miracles Happen04:11
12. Smoke And Mirrors05:02

2001This Is Where I Came In

01. This Is Where I Came In04:56
02. She Keeps On Coming03:57
03. Sacred Trust04:53
04. Wedding Day04:43
05. Man In The Middle04:21
06. Deja Vu04:19
07. Technicolor Dreams03:04
08. Walking On Air04:05
09. Loose Talk Costs Lives04:19
10. Embrace04:43
11. The Extra Mile04:21
12. Voice In The Wilderness04:37

Bee Gees («Би Джиз») — британская музыкальная группа. Состояла из трёх братьев: лидер-вокалиста Барри Гибба, второго лидер-вокалиста Робина Гибба и клавишника-гитариста Мориса Гибба. Мировые продажи пластинок группы превышают сто миллионов копий, что делает их одним из самых успешных коллективов в истории музыкальной индустрии.
Барри Гибб родился 1 сентября 1946 в Манчестере (Англия). Робин и Морис — близнецы, родились 22 декабря 1949 года с разницей в 35 минут. В 1958 году семья Гиббов переехала из Манчестера в Австралию. В 1966 Гиббы вернулись в Англию, где начали успешную карьеру в рок-музыке (хиты Words и др.). Однако к началу 1970-х гг. пластинки Bee Gees перестали пользоваться успехом.
Вторая фаза Bee Gees началась, когда музыканты неожиданно для всех обратились к музыке диско. В 1977 году был выпущен саундтрек к фильму «Лихорадка субботнего вечера», самой известной композицией которого стала заглавная песня «Stayin' Alive». Благодаря невероятной популярности, Bee Gees немедленно взлетела на первые строчки хит-парадов, по сути став живым олицетворением эпохи диско, и одним из главных поставщиков хитов для дискотек второй половины 1970-х гг. (хит «Tragedy» и др.) Однако к середине 1980-х гг. музыка группы, как и само диско, стали терять популярность.
Bee Gees вернули себе внимание критики и любителей музыки в конце 1990-х гг., выпустив несколько традиционных рок-альбомов. В 2003 году группа прекратила существование в связи со смертью Мориса Гибба. По прошествии шести лет, в конце 2009 года, Барри и Робин объявили о возрождении Bee Gees. Группа, однако, так и не осуществила каких-либо новых студийных записей. Со смертью Робина Гибба в 2012 году надежда на возрождение Bee Gees окончательно угасла.
Группа Bee Gees получила звезду на аллее славы в Голливуде за достижения и вклад в области музыки.

Эта презентация в Lossless.

Книга о группе:Мелинда Билье, Гектор Кук - Полная биография The Bee Gees. Рассказы о братьях Гибб, находится здесь.

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